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Stephanie Ayres

Freelance Illustrator/Explorer



Rolo Tomassi Recreation

I've chosen one of my favorite screen printed gig posters to recreate for this course. I just love the texture and the ineresting shapes.

Here's the progress on the poster so far! Not sure how to erase the end of parts that overlap without it going weird... what is the best way to erase parts? Plus, I did something to my eraser tool and now it just creates more lines :S

Trying to get the o to work as it is in the original, once again erasing parts of shapes deceives me!

Edit- End of day 1- 17th May. Resolved issue with 'o', all of the patterning in place, just needs to have all excess trimmed off. Pleased with my first foray into illustrator, great results so far!

Day 2- Figured out the best way to trim- using scissors. Getting used to the keyboard shortcuts which is making things a lot quicker! Still trying to figure out how to subtract a path from another shape. Need to watch more of the videos! I've kinda been winging it, watched about 4 so far. Thought I would really try to get to grips with the basics. I might move onto another poster if there are tools that I need to learn but have no application within this poster.

End of day 2 progress-


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