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Rollin' through NOLA

Last month I traveled to New Orleans for the first time to attend a friend's wedding. Family and friends hyped it up (rightly so) describing things to see, food to eat, places to explore, etc. One thing on my "must do" list was riding the streetcar throughout the city. I captured the photo below while leaving brunch at The Ruby Slipper on Canal Street, just a few blocks from the infamous Bourbon Street. Even on a cloudy day, with rain soon approaching, the city was alive.


Small Edits - Skrwt and Snapseed

I used Skrwt to slightly straighten the photo. Then I removed the white napkin that was in the street close to the curb, near the bushes. The streetcar was the focal point of the picture so I used the selective adjustments feature from Snapseed to bright out the contrast and color of it. I slightly adjusted the structure level of the entire photo.


Small Edits - Photoshop Express

Next I used the Photoshop Express app to reduce noise and defog the photo, though it is so subtle, it is barely visible.


Final Images - VSCOcam

My goal for the assignment was to create different levels of energy that reflect the different parts on NOLA. I used the VSCOcam app to create my final 3 images.

Raw NOLA - B1

Though I reduced the noise in the previous image, I increased the clarity and grain in the black and white image to represent the rawness of New Orleans. Notice the grit in the streets.


Vintage NOLA - A4

Personally, this photo has an old school, calming vibe. The instructor mentioned that the Fade tool can lift shadows to reveal a bit more detail in the photo. Used in this image, I notice it also gives the image a muted, vintage look. It reminds me of the sense of serenity I experienced while walking along the water away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


NOLA 2016 - (edited from Photoshop Express photo in the VSCOcam app)

This last image is all about vibrant NOLA! It shows the life and color of the city.



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