Roll with it

Roll with it - student project

My life motto that I've become very accustomed to hearing, saying &sharing with others is "just roll with it". For my project I'm shortening it to "roll with it". In my life, I've been very lucky to have had just minor obstacles to overcome - but the thought of much bigger & scarrier ones looming in the distance has never strayed from my mind. This anxiety has often kept me up at night, disrupted my day and caused much stress in almost every area of my life. I deal with it most often by reminding myself that there is nothing I can control, and I need to learn to just "roll with it" in order to stay sane, grow & enjoy this crazy, wonderful life. 

I'd like to get a tattoo of this saying someday and incoorporate it into a larger piece - so for my project I'd like to spice up this quote for that purpose. 

Melissa Infantino

Communication Designer