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Roland TR-808 ad

Unfortunatelly, I completely forgot about documenting the process, so I can only share my final result. Since it's first thing I ever did in Illustrator (or any software for digital graphic, for that matter) I decided to choose something rather easy. I am a big fan of electronic music so I started looking for old synthesizer and drum machine ads and found that one:


(btw, if somebody is interested, this is a nice resource:

It had too much text, but I liked the colours and compared to the others it seemed unusual, for example the advertised drum machine is rather small (compared to the size of the ad, usually the photo of synth/drum machine was taking a lot of space).

As you can see, it's fairly easy and straightforward, maybe except for the drum machine itself. After trying to trace the shapes for a while I decided to take a different route. I traced only a black silhouette and then on separate artboard I made the buttons etc. using front facing photo (this one, to be exact: and trying to have the same amount of detail as on the original ad. Then I just layed it over the black silhouette and used free transform tool to get the illusion of perspective. I also decided to lose the gradient on the yellow part, I like it better this way and it looks more modern, I guess.

This is the final result:



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