Rodney's Mobile Photography

Hello Classmates,

Sorry I wasn't able to contribute until now. I travel alot but thanks to skillshare, it was cool to catch this class accordingly to my schedule and availability. I do have extensive shooting experience but I never feel I know enough. I love to learn and this was a cool experience.

All of the shots included are from my iPhone. I'm really into mobile photography right now and I took this class with the hope of improving my approach to night photography on my mobile. I used SlowShutter for all the captures. It's a finicky app so I still feel I need to find my comfort zone with it. 

I have a few other test shots that I will try to post this week. I'm currently en route to Atlanta and I plan to shoot some night photography there later this week. I will try to post something from there too. If any of you know of places or IGers in Atlanta I should check out, please recommend. My IG handle is @rodneywithers.

Test Shot 01 - Portrait

This is right down the street from my house. And that's me in the shot. I like the mood of this but I still need to tweak the edit on it. It feels off to me for some reason. 

Test Shot 02 - Landscape

I'm not too happy on how this turned out. There's too much ghosting around the lights to me and the light reflection off the water seems too hot and noisy as well. I had this on a 15 second exposure but couldn't seem to get the lights quite right in my opinion.  

Test Shot 03 - Perspective

I was so frustrated with the lake shot that I had to pull up, breath and try something else altogether. So I thought I would focus on a simple perspective or a pathway of some sort with some ambient light. 


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