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Rodeo Town

The love of vintage film and band posters got me started on this project.

After completing the initial ink line drawing with smudges and all, I transferred it to photoshop and added some color and a border to the drawing.


When the illustration was in good enough shape, I embarked on the textures. This was quite time consuming and I didn't have a roller on hand so just used a fat brush for acrylic and also some charcoal textures. The difficult part was the post processing of the textures and trying to figure out which one fit with the whole vibe of the poster.



I ended up using a paint smear texture that gave the poster an eroded effect, there was also a halftone charcoal texture used on the jacket of the woman. Although I found it hard to find a place for the halftones, mainly because I don't normally use this technique in ilustrations.

Here is the final product, after post processing.


Big thanks for Andrew for sharing his tips with us.

My textures are for download here.




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