Rocky Beach - Gouache

Rocky Beach - Gouache - student project

I've been LOVING Sarah's classes! I took this one about a month ago and put the skills I learned toward this piece I painted for a friend's birthday. I'm so happy with these rocks, especially the one on the far right. I may have gone a little overboard with the cracks but I like the look overall. I had a little trouble with the large rock in the middle but I realized I was using paint with too much water for the dry brush effect I was going for. I should have paid more attention to shadows and areas that would be darker due to getting wet, but I got a little excited and didn't want to mess anything up.

I've been surprising myself lately with what I'm capable of creating thanks to these classes and Sarah! I would love some feedbackRocky Beach - Gouache - image 1 - student projectRocky Beach - Gouache - image 2 - student project