Rockpooling - student project


Specific Experience
"Exploring marine life between the tides"

List A (simple objects to illustrate)
- Bucket and net
- Wellies
- Hat and suncream
- Crab
- Sea Anenome
- Goby (rockpool fish)




List B (more abstract concepts to illustrate)
- Experience the colourful marine world, on the beach!

-Its exciting observing the creatures in a rockpool
- Be patient and you'll see some action
- Watch out for the tide!
- Handle any creatures with care
- Always put the creatures backRockpooling - image 1 - student projectRockpooling - image 2 - student project

I loved exploring rockpools when I was little, still do today when ever I'm on a beach! I found it such a cool subject it was hard even to select 4 objects as there are so many things... I'm still going with this, and now need to start free sketching for my concepts Set 2...


Great project so far - thanks Tom!

Here are my Set 1 objects, couple of points..

  • I might do another 4 object illustrations,  as I think some of the later creature sketches I did could be more interesting.
  • Colour was a challenge here, I limited myself to 2 but I might revisit these as rockpools can be very colourful and not sure that comes across, see how it goes in the 2nd set.



Set 1 - Objects
Rockpooling - image 3 - student project

This project i think has taken me about 10x times longer than it should have! 

but learning loads, not quite finished, but here are my initial spots for Set 2:


Set 2 Concepts


Rockpooling - image 4 - student project

For Set 2, I've switched out my colours for Tom's palette as it looked way cooler, also more vibrant and fun like rockpools!

the concepts here are (Going clockwise)


1. The sense of wonder staring into a Rockpool

2. Always keep an eye on the tide!

3. Handle the animals with care.

4. Place the animlas back where you found them



The first illustration (No.1)  in these  I havent finished yet. Mainly as its not really working , but Im not sure how to solve it just yet :\ 

I may abandon that idea, and try something else!