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Rockies - Another Artist Run Initiative

Rockies is an artist run art gallery in Auckland, NZ.

It is surrounded by strip clubs and sex shops - the logo  draws from the surrounding sign typography and tags.

PROJECT: Rockies Brand Identity

BACKGROUND: "Rockies" is a new artist run initiative (ARI) located in Auckland NZ. They are a small window gallery on K Road and a tumblr blog who seek to show a diverse mix of emerging and established artists.

OBJECTIVE: Create a brand identity that will easily translate from the street to online as well as reflect the location of the physical space.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Auckland based art practitioners and international art enthuisiasts.

MESSAGE: We don't have openings.

Do it yourself.

Don't mention it.

Another Artist Run Initiative.

A (Dimensions of space) Artist Run Space.

COMPETITION: Other Auckland based ARIs.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Small scale physical space. Lot's of foot traffic, very public. Open curatorial style. Looking to develop works that straddle online/onsite divide.


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