RockWithMe - Share Original Music with Friends

RockWithMe - Share Original Music with Friends - student project

Amateur musicians love to share their original music: with their friends from high school or college from around the world, their bandmates down the street, and hopefully someday, with the record producer in New York City.  But most young musicians don't have the recording equipment or digital know-how to share this music easily with their friends, family and bandmates.  Think of it: you think of a sick guitar riff while laying in bed at night, and you want to share it with 10 of your friends to get their feedback.  How do you do it?  

- Record and send a voice memo to send thru email or text - which will soon get lost amongst the thousands of other text and maiol messages you receive each day.  

- How about post a link to Facebook?  Nope, Facebook hates audio clips

- Twitter? Tough to get anyone to care.

RockWithMe solves these problems. 

RockWithMe is a native application that allows musicians to create virtual "Jam Sessions" with their friends, record original music clips on their iPhone, organize and share these clips with an audience within the app and the web through a personalized landing page, to engage in a back and forth jam session to refine and perfect those music masterpieces. 

Spectators can follow along, even ask to join the jam, or listen along on the web, where each jam session is tracked (see image). 

RockWithMe - Share Original Music with Friends - image 1 - student project

The app is a great way for musicians to:

  • Collaborate with bandmates, friends, etc. to get the ideas flowing
  • Interact with fans: Join their jam sessions and rock with them
  • Stay sharp, learn new music styles, by connecting with Facebook users or random RockWithMe users to just jam - make playing music fun and engaging

See the link to basic wireframes - I have the details all spec'd out for most of the iPhone app.