Rock n' Roll Lifestyle

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - student project

Just Started my project and am playing a little bit of catch up. I wish that I would've had more time to sketch but I just jumped into the project to see where I would land. 

I chose the phrase "Rock n' Roll Lifestyle" from a song that I enjoy listening to. 

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 1 - student project

Backed off from the project for a little bit while I collected myself. I gathered up some inspiration that I wanted to use as I took the piece further. Some stuff by Justin Mezzell and others from Kelli Anderson and DKNG.

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 2 - student project

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 3 - student project

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 4 - student project

With those visuals in mind I wanted to create something which was visually appealing, a little eclectic which was is a good word for the music that Cake creates, and also bold.

So the process began little by little.

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 5 - student project

Beginning with the outlining of the text was one of the most time consuming parts of the process. Luckily I had spent some time tweaking the sketch so I didn't have to make up time down the road. I  definitely could've been more meticulous with my drawing.

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 6 - student project

As I began to finish up the tracing of the sketch I realized that I wanted to add some more details that I had seen from other type pieces. So I began to add, edit, and tweak the outline. I was also tweaking and moving the letterforms at this point as well.

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 7 - student project

I started to introduce a little more complexity and color at a certain point. I didn't have a predefined "point" but I knew that it was going to help me think about details so I should start to define a little bit more.

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 8 - student project

Continued to add a little bit of detail little by little. Shadows, depth, etc

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 9 - student project

At a certain point I knew that Illustrator had offered all that it could and so I needed to continue on to Photoshop if I was going to add texture, and other little details to the illustration. 

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 10 - student project

I began with general texture to the words, background, and eventually the shadows on "rock n roll" with the finished piece up to this point looking like this:

Rock n' Roll Lifestyle - image 11 - student project

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