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Rock Your Power Branding

My husband and I started working together on my home-based business after he was not able to find a job, that was in 2009. 

We have had our ups and major downs and have had to learn along the way how to balance being parents (of 3) and run a business from home. The MAJOR shift has been balancing Family life and work and not going nutso when things are still in the growing phase. 

We do graphic design, web development and Virtual Assistance. We are also into a few direct selling programs. We are going for building a passive income and doing what we love together and being there with our kids. 

We have gone on to shift our focus from local clients to clients through the internet and it is our goal to serve other home-based companies by creating killer graphics and maintaining their websites so they can go about writing their next big book, their blog posts, attend speaking events, play with their kids and attend company trips. 

We have fun working together, combining our skills, I'm the one who turns into any tool necessary and I have gone out to learn marketing, social media and other skills to be able to create the growth. My husband is a coder and he thrives coding. 


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