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Rock On by Dan Kennedy

Rock On by Dan Kennedy is an account of a copywriter's experience in the corporate music world. The book has overarching themes of dualities such as: honesty/talent vs. selling out, indie vs. corporate, digital vs. traditional. The book takes on a very honest and hilarious voice as you read a story about a music lover who sees what corporations have done with the business of music. Kennedy's experience working at Atlantic Records is an insight to the (at the time) looming change of tide from physical to digital, as a result of the growing dependence on the internet. 

I LOVED reading this book. With the main theme of this book being based on music and a middle-aged man's view on his relationship with music when he was a kid, it seemed appropriate to follow the duality themes. 

So follows the brainstorming:

Here you can start to see my evolution of words into summaries of the clashing themes I previously mentioned and the beginning of the actual sketching process.


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