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Rock Climbing Gym Logo T-Shirt

Hello fellow t-shirt designer students, 

Once upon a time in Irvine California, there lived a sign designer who wanted to make projects to call his own. Designing signs as a side project got him in trouble and after receiving the "cease and desist" letter from his former employer, he decided to look into t-shirt design. 

He came across this awesome class and he has been practicing for many hours.  Illustrator and Photoshop are new for me, but very similar to CorelDraw, which is what I'm used to. 

There are still many tools in Illustrator that I don't know how to use and the same goes for Photoshop.  

Please take a look at my project and I welcome positive criticism. Be gentle, but not too nice, I can take it. ;-)


Carlos Navas

Concept 1

I couldn't figure out how to properly make the logo follow the contours of the shirt wrinkles. There is something about it, but I "feel" there is something missing here. 



Here I added a white background to the logo, to make it look more like a giant sticker / decal. At this point I also figured out how to make the logo follow the contours of the t-shirt.  Some how I ended up finding the "create a clipping mask" option and that did the trick.  I wish I knew the science behind it. 



For this one I added a rectangular background to try and make the logo look / feel more balanced on the shirt.  



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