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Rock A Record: Vintage Record Shoulder Bags; Rock Art for the Hip at Heart...

April 14: I have long resisted Etsy, for a few reasons. I already sell on my own site, but have decided that Etsy might expose me to potential new customers. So I opened Rock A Record. Additionally, I have renamed my product for SEO purposes. Here is my SEO Friendly tag: 

Welcome to Rock-A-Record! Here you will find Handbags, Shoulder Bags and purses created from vintage vinyl records and albums. The real record is on one side and the album cover is on the other. Each Record Bag is 100% unique, as it is hand crafted from reclaimed materials, such as guitar straps, belts, fabrics and hardware. The records represent music from Classic Rock, the ‘80’s, Crooners and more. 

Here is my  About Me Page: 

I am a professional writer, based in the magnificent city by the Bay; San Francisco! But, I'm an '80's kid in heart and soul; not as in, "I was born in the eighties", but as in I was donning the fashions, shaving the head, coloring what hair was left, cutting fingers off perfectly decent pairs of gloves, rocking the blue eye shadow and hitting the dance hall floors with synth music, The Purple One and New Wave!

Rock A Record began with that absolute love and passion for all things eighties; the weird fabrics, the weirder colors, crazy faux furs, animal prints and of course, the music! My first bag was crafted from a previously loved Culture Club album, which was in the dollar bin at Amoeba Records on Haight Street. I LOVE Boy George (then and now)--and felt that I had to give the record a new life in the millennium. I went home and considered what I could do with him--(in record form that is). He seemed so content resting against a pink zebra fabric on my floor, and then it hit me; “This would a FABULOUS bag.” Culture Club was my first, but not my last. ;-)

I hope that what you discover here sparks a memory of someone or something special; takes you back to a time in the not so distant past, when gas was still a buck, your mother’s biggest gripe was your overuse of the word ‘totally’, the ongoing dilemma of, ‘who’s better, Prince or Michael’, and Spandex reigned supreme.

Thanks for stopping by....and Long Live the 80's!

March 29: I have discovered that my business model is 'mass customization'. I am producing an Operations Manual, so that I can farm out the manufacture parts--(I hate this)--I like designing. I am also doing two upcoming trade shows. Whereas before, I thought the fact that my items being so hand-crafted, was a detriment; I now realize it is my Value Added Proposition.

 Rock A Record: Vintage Record Shoulder Bags; Rock Art for the Hip at Heart...


Fun, one of a kind, shoulder bags, made from reclaimed records, front & back.They are perfect for the person who loves rock and roll and a retro sense of style and fun. The straps are crafted from upcycled belts, guitar straps, additional leather work and reclaimed articles.


The bags were born out of my love of old records and all the things that make them a part of our pop culture; the art, liner notes and deeply rooted nostalgia that they illicit when someone comes across the band, music, era that they love. Everyone has a story about their first concert, the first song they heard when they were making out, the first time they took their kid to a show and shared music that bridges generations.

Rock Art for the Hip at Heart taps into that nostalgic bone and takes you for a walk down Memory Lane.

I was juried into the Street Artists Program in San Francisco, which means that I can sell my bags in designated spaces throughout the City. I pay a quarterly fee for my permit—(rent), quarterly sales tax and pay for a small space to store inventory at an Artists Co-Op at Pier 28. I am now looking to doing shows/fairs in the City and other spaces. The City fairs are expensive; so I will be sharing space--and it should work out well.

Since taking this class, I have redone all of my bags to include a leather snap closure and to lengthen the straps. I LOVE these modifications.

I have a registered TM, collateral materials and well-designed website, in which I blog, network and sell from.




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