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Robust Letters

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time at Skillshare, and I have to say that it was awesome! So, I decided to share my project after taking jeff's course.

I chose to work with the spanish phrase "letras robustas" which means "robust (or bold) letters", because they are all fed with a lot of pigment!

I made this piece on a very textured paper (caran d'ache paper). I don't know if it was the best option, but I love the brushestrokes on the edges.

first, I started with the aqua-acrylic mixture. It was a great tip!! very hand liberating! then I added the letters and painted in white in order to have some light background.

1st layer

Red, orange and some black for the letter's volumen and a mixture of cyans, blue, yellow and black for the second background layer.

3rd layer

4th layer:

I added some spots to make the background a little more odd and decided to change the "robustas" color.


Final Layer

Please, feel free to leave any comment.

Thank you!


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