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Robot in Love


Managed to get another draft onto paper, trying to incorporate some of the comments. It kind of turned into a slightly different story than before, but I actually rather like it. Even if I don't have the slightest idea how to turn this into visuals.
The middle part definitively needs some more work and detail, but I hope you enjoy reading it. x

Once upon a time there was a girl called Vala, who was working in a rundown bar just south of the river. From the outside she looked like just another human girl, with her long black hair and shy smile, but inside she was different. Inside she was a high performance Robot built to observe, analyse and understand human behaviour.

Every day she would serve customers, while listening to their conversations and observing them closely. They would complain about their bosses, passionately discuss the last game, and bet on everything they could think of, but in the end it came always back to love. Everyone had been in love, was in love, wished to be in love, was terribly heart broken or all at once. Vala reckoned that the concept of love seemed to be all important to humans, but she couldn’t quite get her head around it. She didn’t understand why.

Until one rainy day, a stranger entered the bar. He didn’t quite fit in with the normal crowd in his tight sitting jeans, cowboy boots and white shirt. But when after the first drink he took out his guitar and started to sing songs of unreturned and undying love everyone was mesmerized and deep in thought. Especially Vala. She felt as if at last she found someone who could make her understand.

And because of this, when the crowd slowly left, she approached him. And what started out as a conversation about music, slowly turned to love and life in general.

And because of this, she asked him to play her another song. He pondered for a second, took up his guitar and started to touch the strings. One note after another hung in the air, slowly forming themselves into a tune, then he started to sing: “I just met you, but it feel like I’ve known you forever. I don’t understand what you do to me, I don’t understand how I feel.“  He put down his guitar, leaned in to give her a light Kiss, rose and disappeared into the night.

When she sat there totally perplexed in the empty bar, she got it. She finally saw the reason humans have to talk about love so much: none of them understands it either, they’re still looking for answers as well.


Started on a very first draft for my story, based on the seven points presented in the lecture. Hoping to be able to add to it soon.

Once upon a time there was a Robot called Vala who was working in a Bar.

Every day it heard music on the radio and saw how musicians poured out their hearts into songs on stage. Deeming the humans stupid for openly giving in to their feelings, she thought herself superior.

Until one day, after a heart wrenching performance by an unknown Folk Singer called John, Vala actually started to wonder how it would feel to fall in love.

And because of this, she began to read everything she could find on humans and their feelings, closely observed the musicians and customers in the bar, their interactions, their flirting, their falling in and out of love...

And because of this she became more and more fascinated by John who rose as a musician with the songs he wrote about the girls he met at the bar, fell in love with and who shortly after broke his heart.

Until finally Vala became aware that she actually was in love with John and decided to tell him. But having had his heart broken so many times John didn't believe in love anymore and drunkenly laughed at the robot.

Ever since that day one can go to a certain bar on Sunday evenings and listen to a robot sing about unreturned love, falling apart on stage.


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