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Robot Funk

It's high time I uploaded my own project, Robot Funk. One week... yeah right: It took me another month to finish it all and mix it!

I worked quite a bit more on the production since I analyzed it during the class, added many additional layers and instruments, rewrote the 2nd Verse and the Bridge (writing is re-writing!), and then the mix... oh my, it turned into one of the most challenging mixes I ever did myself without help of a dedicated mixing engineer. After missing two release deadlines, at long last I arrived at this final version which I'm totally happy with in every respect, from song structure to production, performances, and mix impact.

Robot Funk's official release date is May 6th, at which point it'll be available at all major streaming and download music portals.

Check it out and let me know what you think (any thumbs-up appreciated, as always)!

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