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Robot Bath Time

Update 04

Ok, I think I'll call this piece done, unless anyone sees anything glaringly wrong with it that I missed! 

Update 03

Alright, almost finished now. I still want to add some lights and buttons in the background like you suggested, and there are a few minor tweaks I'd like to make, but overall I think it's pretty close to done!

Update 02

I've finished most of the gradients and shading. I still need to add volume the pipes and add shadows to the floor, as well as finish the detailing on the robot's wheel. I'm also planning on adding some volume and glow to the electricity. I tend to jump around between working on details and shading because I usually get tired of doing one or the other, so sorry if it seems like I'm all over the place!

I really love the draw inside mode, something I never knew about so thanks for that Chris! Also, using a blur on an object for shading is great! I usually just use gradients and gradient meshes, and I can't tell you how much I hate gradient meshes. This is a fantastic solution to shading, especially combined with draw inside mode. 

Update 01

I just wanted to post an update of where I'm at so far. I've blocked in most everything with the exception of a few minor bits, like the extra bath toys and tire marks. I've started to add bits of detail in the electricity and pipes, as well as some gradients and shadowing, but everything is still pretty raw at the moment. I'm still playing around with the color of the robot. He may end up being a bit bluer, with sharp highlights from the electricity to make him stand out more, and he'll have a glowing amber/orange eye.


My idea for this project is based off the question of 'How do robots take a bath?', and in my mind it makes sense that they bathe in electricity, so I came up with this.

It's three Tesla coils in a triangular arrangement with the robot bathing in the middle. I like the idea that to him this is a normal bathing occurrence, so I gave him a soap attachment on his right arm, and a rubber duck in his left claw. I'm also a big 2001: fan so I imagined this robot as Hal's little brother, Ham 9001.

Things I plan to add/change:

  • add other bath toys on ground (plastic ship, action figures, etc.)
  • possibly add a glass of oil with bendy straw or drink umbrella
  • attach towel rack to wall
  • tiled background and floor
  • add tire marks on ground

That's it for now! Any suggestions/critiques welcome!




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