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Robo Cup

Here's my first project, it was pretty fun learning the basics of the Unity 3d game engine!

 It sure is a heck of a lot easier to get something up and running than I remember it being in my undergrad OpenGL/C++ Graphics course about 6 years ago.  We had to write our own physics engine, move cameras and lights around in code, recompile, test and tweak.... 

So... what's going on in the scene?

  • The ball is a sphere with this texture map.
  • There is a bluish spot light fixed to the ball.
  • Robot Kyle is a free download from the asset store.
  • A terrain was created. Textures, bumps, trees, and grass were added.
  • An overcast skybox was added to the main camera.
  • A constant force (in the -Y direction) was applied to the ball.  I still need to figure out how the rigid body/gravity stuff works...
  • Terrain and sphere colliders were added to the robot and ball.
  • A first-person controller (WASD to move, space to jump, mouse to look around) was added to the main camera.
  • A faint directional light was applied.

Playable version

Click here for a playable version in the Unity Web Player.

Anyone else have problems with the Web Player in Google Chrome?  If so, do you know how to fix it? It seems to work fine in Firefox.


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