Robin's Epic Adventure: A foray into advanced illustration (Characters In Motion)

Whats up? Robin here. I've been at this illustration malarkey for about 3 years now, steadily improving through DeviantArt and college. But i can't resist this opportunity. My work sometimes lacks a je ne sais quoi which i might be able to unlock here. For the duration of this project, I'll be using and modifying a toony version of myself which serves as a character in an Assassin's Creed fanfiction that i've been very slowly working on. Its nice and simple and leaves plenty of room for augmentation and improvement. Here's a link to said character to save room for project pictures 


Right, introduction over, i guess its time to get started! It'll be fun to turn this character into a full scale hero and see what cataclysmic shenanigans i can draw him into. Check back here for updates to the project. If you want to see more of my work in the meantime, go to my DeviantArt page at 


btw, thanks for this opportunity Patrick! you're an absolute legend!

Sketching the body with shapes

1. Pick your tools

For basic sketches, i'll be using a bog-standard HB pencil; easy to find and just as effective as anything.

And when i want to make something out of the sketches, i'll be using my new tablet; a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch. A good improvement on my last one, especially with the wireless kit.

2. Create a Character

As i mentioned before, i'll be using a drawn version of myself for the project. It'll be fun to try out these techniques. The character isnt exactly me, just takes on a similar appearance. 

I use this character for the odd comic, sketch and also an Assassin's Creed fan story. Its a pretty simple design that can be easily altered.

3. Basic Structure

I usually start with just lines, then beef them up. In this sketch, you can see the skeletal structure and how the muscles were built around it. This was an alternate costume that i toyed with a while ago.

4. Using Reference Images

I remember this panel from the "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Instruction Manga" from when i first played the PS2. It struck me as being so dynamic. The guards provided good poses but i went for Snake's running pose here.

This next pose used a reference from Patrick Brown's "GTA IV comic" seen here 


There was this one particular stance that a character took that i found really interesting

This next one didnt have a set reference picture, but i was inspired by some of the executions from the Assassin's Creed game series and the style of killing from God of war. I liked the way they were so flamboyant and final in the way they kill. I tried to create a stance in which the upper body was twisted away, preparing the weapon for its descent into the target

5. Dynamic Pose

I actually learned the perspective technique in a Product design class about a year ago. We mainly used it to draw 3D forms and figure out how they would look from diferent angles and distances. I found use for it in a couple of my drawings. Heres what i came up with as a quick example for this project

Your typical *puts on sunglasses* cliffhanger!

aaand heres one i made earlier for a Bonnie and Clyde themed piece. I tried to make it look like the car was coming off the page by having it overlap the comic panel.

the finished version can be seen here 



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