Anne-Lieke Struijk

Dutch & Dapper :)



Robin in Winter Time

I really loved painting these Robin in Winter Time icons :)




My icons are scanned and cut out in Photoshop. Ready to go and build my pattern! 


Here is my first pattern! I actually like the seperate icons better than the pattern :)  So I will use the seperate icons to make some other items, like postcards, as well.

Lessons learned:

  • Paint icons that blend together more easily.
  • Paint icons with simpler outlines. The ones that I created were very difficult to cut out, due to little details on the borders of the icons (for example the red feathers). The little bird tracks were nearly impossible! Maybe it would have been easier to draw them in Illustrator instead...
  • Fill my icons completely with (water)color. Now many icons have white/blank paper in them, which made the pattern less suitable for a darker background color. This is the reasons why I left the background white. 

Any advice or ideas for improvements are very welcome!



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