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Robin Williams Caricature

Hello Hardy and fellow students!

For the class project I'm painting a sketch I made of my favorite comedian, Robin Williams.


I'm having a bit of trouble getting results similar to the one achieved in the lecture and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I'm using Manga Studio 5 instead of Photoshop, but these apps function roughly the same.

First, I use a dark green color for the silhouette layer, similar to the lecture.


For the values layer, instead of using a bright orange color, I sampled a skin color from another image. I also used a custom acrylic brush and the "tapping" technique to get uneven tones. (now that I'm reviewing this, I think my values have weak contrast.)


I used a maroon color for the layer below the values layer. This is what the underpainting looks like when the values layer is hidden.


And this is what it looks like when the values layer is visible.


I combined the three layers (silhouette, values, underpainting). Then I continued to paint, sampling colors as necessary, until I was ok with the result.


Next, I used a smudge tool to soften a few areas.


Finally, I applied a curve adjustment to make the shadows darker and the highlights lighter.


This is still a work-in-progress. I feel there's a lot of room for improvement and I'd be very grateful to learn what I can improve on. Thank you very much!


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