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Robin Hood

I have always been a fan of Matt's, and when I found out he had a class on here (not sure how I missed it the first time around) I jumped on it. I have been emulating his style for a while now, so when it was time to sketch I felt very confident. However, hearing him and seeing his work flow opened up my eyes. Im a little more old school in the sense that I started sketching on paper. But after seeing him work, I scanned in my sketches, chopped them up and tweaked it in photoshop. 


Porting it to Illustrator and drawing the shapes was easy for me (I mainly use illustrator). But again I found it invaluable to watch him work. Its not very often you get that opportunity to sit down and look over the shoulder of someone whose work you enjoy so much. 

In Illustrator:

From there, I made a side step in my process. I dusted off that old wacom that I thought i'd never use and I began to render it in Photoshop. I have to say, I took to it much more readily that I thought I would (or had in the past). I was pretty heavy on the cmd+z action and a few time, out of muscle memory undid a few stokes I really liked! Good thing this is photoshop and not an eraser. 

All in all I thought it was a great class. I know many of you as well have had a good experience. But for me this was my first class since college and it was really nice to get back into the swing of things. 

The final:

I hope you all enjoy looking at it as much as I did making it. 

Thanks all, and thanks Matt


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