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Robin Hood in Hover Cars

Greetings all~

Never tried an online class quite like this before, but I'm excited to give it a shot. Already stepping out of my comfort zone trying my hand at a process like this. Usually I jump straight into details and color... and hope I can pull myself out of the mess that tends to follow. So this should be quite the experience!



The concept I ended up playing with was "Who's Robin Hood in an era of digital cash and hover cars?"  The girl forming has decided to stick with a bow and arrow even in a world of guns and probably less cumbersome versions. But hey. Least her arrows have various exploding components. Street smarts have kept her in the clear. An intimate knowledge of the wealthy caste's inner workings--more intimate than she'd ever like to admit to her cohorts--has kept her raids near constant. Kept those funds and goods moving from the glistening towers and golden gardens, to the concrete streets and rusty homes.

Checks are the poses I like the most~  Opinions would be loved! Outfits wise... It really wasn't till towards the end that I started to get vibes, as more evident by 10. 4 and 5 were ones I went back on and realized that at the very least.... she'll have a hood. Of some variety.


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