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Robijndijk 108

- Tuesday, July 15th 2014 -

My inspiration:

I’ll be sending the envelope to my mum:

My first sketches:

These are the first sketches I made. Some sans-serif and some script. I’m using materials I had at hand. Luckily one such Weteraser was among them, but I’m using my Copic Sketch markers as a brush. I also tried an actual brush (the black script) but I just like the colours of these Copic markers so much better.  

I was excited to start on drawing actual letters and did few pure stroke exercises beforehand. And I immediately discovered that I can’t maintain a straight line (see the first letter – a wonky capital A), so I quickly started using my ruler;)

I really like the word ‘Robijndijk’ in this sans-serif style, only the word’s almost bigger than the blue A3 sized paper lying under it, so I’m unsure wether or not it will be usable on the envelope. I experimented some with writing on top of the Weteraser strokes, but my pens get ‘stuck’ in the chalk and won’t keep up the ink flow. Anyone any suggestions for this?

So far I’m not at all happy with my scripts. I’m especially having enormous difficulty with the numerals. And the street and city name are still way off too.  They’re somewhat long words, which makes it hard hiding inconsistencies in my script.

I do like my final (script) tries on the name ‘Conny’ though. 

And I just wanted to say that the ‘R’ is a great letter and I’m lucky I get to use it twice! 

I’ll be practising some more before I'll start sketching out my final composition… 

- Monday, July 21st 2014 -

A small update:

I realized that in none of my previous sketches did I try the tail of the script 'R' below the baseline. What an oversight! 

Because this is something I can work with:

I traced the letters so I could adjust the spacing and play around with some swashes.

What I did to this poor 'n' is horrible. But I quite like the 'l' at the end, it beautifully counterbalances the 'R'.

I restored the 'n' back to normal, and suddenly there it was...

The perfect place for the zip code!

Also I moved the 'R' a bit to the left and thickened the tail somewhat, slightly improving the composition, I think. 

All in all, happy with this little bit of progress:)

- Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 -

Another small update:

I combined the two elements of the address I was happy with –  the name 'Conny' and the zipcode & cityname '4706 LW Roosendaal' – and I loved how they went together. 

That meant the streetname 'Robijndijk 108' had to go on top of 'Conny', which turned out to be a blessing. It improves the composition, I think, by giving the bottom of the 'Y' some extra weight and by adding some more dynamic overall – the eye is led from left to right to left to right.

I also like how the banner with 'Robijndijk 108' starts on top of one 'N' and then crosses the other 'N' completely; adding a different dynamic to each 'N'.

So I'm really happy with this composition, only it's my first one. So what should I do, continue on this one or try more compositons? 

- Friday, July 25th 2014 -

I sketched out some color combinations:

After the first one I thought: "Nice." After the second one (below the first), I thought: "Nah. First one's better." I made the third: "No! Don't introduce new colors!" and "The first one's better." The fourth: "No."

And then I looked back: "The second one's best. Huh?" 

I like the second one for how in this color scheme, 'Conny' is the centerpiece and the other elements complement that.

I made two extra – to be sure – with more blue and orange. I still prefer the second one.


- Wednesday, August 6th 2014 -

I wanted to get some practise in before I started on my final envelop:

I tried a few different pens for the banner and I liked the fine line best. 

I wanted to see how the design works on a brown background so I used an old Amazon envelop to try it out. The contrast between the orange shadow and the brown background is a bit tricky, but ultimately doable, I think.  

And – maybe some useful information – Erik’s trick of using the tracing paper as carbon paper also works transferring white pencil onto a dark background:

I’m not quite sure what tool I’d best use for the script. It’ll be either a Copic marker or a (chiseled) brush. I’ll practise both and see what I like best:

The script style I’m using turned out to be a bit thick for the Copic marker to be really comfortable – which is strange, since it’s what I used for my original tracing. On the right page, on the final d’s and a’s you can see that a smaller style feels more natural. With the actual brush on the other hand, I feel like I have very little control and I sometimes get stray lines from stray hairs. Therefor I’m going to use the marker for my final envelop.


Ok, I did not see this coming: 

No kraft coloured envelopes! 

As an alternative I’m turning my amazon practise envelop inside out. 

And voilà… Ready to go:

I thought I’d start on the easy part. Good thing too, because my first strokes turned out a bit shaky. Luckily (hopefully) I’ll be able to cover it up with the diagonals. And the ‘Y’ is looking better already.

Some trouble on the ‘C’. I came down from the upper left curve a bit too much to the left, which is why the final ‘C’ has turned out wider than the other letters.

The final (for now):

I say ‘for now’, because I’m not happy with how the script turned out. (All the rest, though not perfect, I can live with.)

I already mentioned I was having difficulties on the script while practising, but everything was different on this new surface. And not for the better. The ink didn’t flow as well as on the tracing paper, so the letters aren’t drawn in a single movement, and it shows. I really think I’ll be giving it another try…  


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