Robert's Art Plan

Robert's Art Plan - student project

Home Base:

  1. Coffee cup
  2. cow


  1. Continue to build Paint Loose (PL) as the go-to website for artists that want to paint expressively (Now)
  2. Portraits are the priority - develop more abstract qualities & overall skills (Now) Start painting on larger canvas (start this Fall)

Be Consistent:

Continue as is (5 days / week)


My art - my way! Continue to develop personal style & exploring goals


Here’s a list of what I will do when things go South

1. Research, learn and discover more opportunities & methods to develop online art classes

2. Develop atist community - share the experiences of being a creative

3. Blog & post more free tips & techniques for PL

4. Clean studio


Pretty solid here but could spend more time studying face structure. Once I have a better understanding of this I can begin to abstract it more.


1. Spend 50% of painting time to experimenting on portraits

2. Explore alternative mediums for creating lines on a larger scale (oilsticks)

Art Chart:

1. Goals are written down & hanging over my studio desk & easel.

2. Monitor my progress monthly to stay on track