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Robert DeNiro unfinished

New project!

I started on another drawing. I chose for a famous person so that it would be easier for me to recognize if the resemblance is okay, but also so you guys could see that for feedback. So.. This one is supposed to be Robert DeNiro, but for some reason it just doesn't really look like him. I feel like it's a few tiny things that I need to change for it to look more like him but I have trouble spotting what those are.

I'm drawing it in my Moleskine and my reference is printed on A4 so I can't do the tricks shown in the video's, but it's also probably too late and difficult to try to print the reference on exactly the same scale as the drawing.. I didn't realise that this would be a problem before I started :(

So here it is!  Reference:





I haven't really started on the hair yet, I just quickly drew this in so it wouldn't look weird and change my perception on how the drawing as a whole looks. Stuff I haven't been able to make yet are the beard, the face that doesn't look stretched enough with the face he makes, and the hair on which I still have to start.

To me he just looks like some old guy, instead of actually Robert..


So! Here we go. 

I haven't picked a portrait image yet but I just started practicing for now. I have drawn A LOT all my life untill I was about 17, for some reason I kind of stopped then. I still doodled but didn't really drew. Now I am an interaction designer so I draw a lot again, but that's interfaces. So I'm really thrilled to pick this up again. Yesterday, in the train home (every day I'm in the train for two times 40 minutes to work and back) I figured would be a good time to do this and even drawing just an ear got me really excited again!

So, without further ado I present to you guys:  my practice ear



I only had one H pencil and no eraser so I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The lobe should be a bit longer and I would prefer some darker darks and some highlights but oh well. Tonight I'll try to remember to pack my eraser and some more pencils and work on a nose, mouth and eye. In the meantime I'm going to look for an image for an entire portrait.

------------ UPDATE ---------------

Yesterday I practiced a mouth



Also, I found a photo I am going to draw! I was looking for something a bit different and silly and I found the perfect one:


I chose this photo because it's a bit funny but sad at the same time. It just has a lot of emotion and I found that an interesting challenge to try to capture. Also, I never drew babies before.

First lines:


----------------  UPDATE  ------------------

Put in some shades and now have the basics of everything down. Now it's 'only' refining each part


-------------- UPDATE ----------------

Just a practice eye


I must say I still don't really got a hang of lightly coloring over the entire image to be able to create better lights. It's always either streaky or not streaky but way too dark.. :/

Any feedback I'll gladly hear, I'm here to learn of course.


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