Robbie's Handmade Cinnamon Rolls

*UPDATE: I signed up for this class prior to realizing how busy my May schedule would be. Unfortunately, I won't be able to finish this class, but plan to retake it again if offered. 


My husband love to make handmade cinnamon rolls from scratch, which he finds relaxing, but also taste delicious! While we don't sell them or own a bakery, he does give them out for special occassions. 

LABELS: Not sure of the shape yet, but a couple ideas on the material/usage:

- A custom rubber stamp to use on all materials (I'm leaning more towards this. See cardboard stamped box in mood board below)

- Stickers to close cardboard boxes, or affix on top of them

- Hang tags?

LOOK & FEEL: Feelings of childhood, nostalgia, fun, and authenticity.

Robbie's Handmade Cinnamon Rolls - image 1 - student projectI like the packaging idea for cinnamon rolls based off this, but it's probably too elaborate. The kraft paper and sharpie is a nice idea though.

Robbie's Handmade Cinnamon Rolls - image 2 - student project