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Andre Accoo II

Graphic Designer, Web/Multi-Media Designer



Roaring Bears Logo

Thank you again Fraiser for this awesome class. I created mine about 2.5 months ago and I FINALLY just found the time to finish my logo. I used a bear image i found on the internet to help with the base of my design: 

After this, I started to sketch out my lines for the face of the bear for phase 2:

Then I started phase 3 by apply my bold curve lines to the left side of the sketch. Once I was done, I copied all of my lines, paste them then flip them to line them up. I saw some line were off, so i re applied some lines and made some corrections like the nostrals on the nose:

I didnt really re-draw the logo like you showed in the video for phase 4. What i did was basically copy the design and just re-draw some of the line to flow better instead of the whole thing. Then I applied the color, highlights and details before editing my presentation of it in Photoshop.

Below is my final product:

Thank you again. I started creating 2 more designs for fun and also for a client that was asking for designs like this for their appael line. Thank you again for the class and if you have any comments or tips, please do share.


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