Road to Yakihira - The Master Swordsman Chronicles

Road to Yakihira - The Master Swordsman Chronicles - student project

My initial plans for this project were to take an existing world I'm creating (Yrfall) and start to bring some of it to life. 

One of the things I mention in book is that the southeastern part of the continent is Arid and like a dust bowl. I wanted to capture this in this piece


Road to Yakihira - The Master Swordsman Chronicles - image 1 - student project

I started out by getting a rough sketch in place, I've loosely placed this at the northernmost border of a country, looking into another, through a series of valleys and mountain passes of a very arid area, that leads onto an ocean, and the capital city (Yakihira) of the country we are looking into (Jasmithr) 

Road to Yakihira - The Master Swordsman Chronicles - image 2 - student project

While I could have transferred this to digital at this point (and I will do later down the road) I decided to use this class to help me process the context at least for this image. 

I used a set of Derwent drawing pencils that have mostly earthy tones to bring the colour into this, and created clay-coloured roads that have seen the most use. 

The inclusion of a couple of dead trees shows the nature of the area, as little rainfall appears here, and the elfin (and dwarfen) inhabitants of the country rely on underground resavoirs the mountains they live on have.

The towers themselves are waypoints over the mountains to the north, safe havens travellers and merchants can stop at to pause and take a break. While our character doesn't explicitly travel this path, they deal with many merchants and travellers who do, and have heard of the tales of wolves and desert bears that plague the mountains