Road Trip Guide to New Zealand

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - student project

My favorite way to explore while traveling is by road trip.

Road trips give you the freedom to stop when you want to, take a different turn, and see unexpected things. From wild forest chickens surrounding my car to splurging on a rental convertable to whisk around an island - my road trips through New Zealand have left me with some of the best memories.

Aside from travel and food, one of my other passions is to inform others and that's why I want to create a map of the 3 week road trip my husband and I did in New Zealand back in 2011. I've already chronicled the trip on my blog in a picture itinerary; 3 Weeks In New Zealand. Now I'd like to show it graphically as a map. Something I hope to repeat for other trips in the future!

While I absolutely want to create the map on paper and by hand (I'm just not an art on the computer kind of person) - I would like to be able to share the image digitally as well as in print. I'd like to be able to use it on my blog - but I'd also like to have something that could be printed and framed. 

As far as the level of detail - I don't feel a need for much detail other than names of the stops and icons or patterns to represent different types of features. 

Dear class, I need your guidance and expertise on how you translate art on paper to the digital world! I feel like I'm missing how you get from one to the other!

Oh and my test score was 75%. 

Week 1 Update:

So I'm starting to sketch some sample maps of the two main islands and I find myself not wanting to add anything to the outline for fear that I'll ruin it or clutter it in some way.

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 1 - student project

My second set of sketches - playing around with how to include place names and how to show the travel  between them. Pretty sure I love the mini-road idea. As for place names - still working on that. I do kind of like the mixed media overlay in the first image.

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 2 - student project

And here's round 3 of sketches. Again, experimenting with different ways to do place names. The geography of the North Island makes it challenging to write out the entire name of each place - so perhaps using just the first two letters? Also experimenting with including additional information about each place - including do, eat, stay, and more. This version also includes side trips and spurs.

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 3 - student project

Round 4 - using the number of each day and a table to denote the itinerary. Other renditions and sketches can be seen in my flickr album; Map Design Class.

Week 2 Update:

I've gotten to the point where I've determined if I try and trace, measure, or other wise make something exact or "perfect" I probably won't end up liking it. So I'm jumping right in with all my sketches - all free hand and all in ink - no pencils allowed.

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 4 - student project

For our experiment, I chose to zoom in on Google Maps to the town of Nelson, New Zealand and draw a small portion of the town in a free hand style.

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 5 - student project

And here's my first attempt at using digital tools with my maps. I took the base of one of my hand drawn images, had it scanned, and used Apple's Pages Software (considerably less expensive then InDesign) to add the place numbers and some of my photos from the trip.

Now, I'm wondering where to go from here for my final project? Any ideas?

So far I'm leaning towards a base of a hand drawn map with the road hand drawn. Then having it scanned and using Pages to include photos, numbers, and descriptive text.

Week 3 Update:

Alright, I ended up with a two part Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - one for the North Island and one for the South Island. The final documents both contain active hyperlinks for recommendations on things to do, where to eat, and places to stay. Click here to download those

Here's what the final versions ended up looking like;

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 6 - student project

Road Trip Guide to New Zealand - image 7 - student project