Road Map Journal

Road Map Journal - student project

I tend to overthink layout and composition so I used a pencil without an eraser and stuck pretty close to it when I went over it in ink. I used a Prismacolor Fine Line Marker (that I believe is not waterproof so I just tried not to use too much water near the lines). Also some Arteza watercolors. I have very limited experience with watercolor so I enjoyed dabbling in it here. 

Side note: I was trying to add color to the drawing of my puppy laying down peacefully and that's when she decided to keep trying to jump on my lap. Had to give her some snuggles before I could keep journaling. 

I think this practice will help me be a bit more free and try new things without the pressure of "creating something amazing to share." As the instructor noted, it's mainly for me, and it's a bonus if others enjoy it to. 

Road Map Journal - image 1 - student project


Road Map Journal - image 2 - student project

Choose happy. Be kind. Take naps.