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Road Dog

Here's my pitch:

Hank is a dog that loves to roam.  His family tries everything they can think of to keep him in the yard, but he's got a wanderer's soul.  In a last ditch effort, they get him a beautiful companion, Lulu.  However, Lulu shares Hank's love of adventure and the two leave town on a vintage motorcycle.  They keep in touch with the family, and even visit sometimes, but wherever they are, Lulu and Hank are just passin' through.

Unit I

I would like to write a story that is funny but sincere. 

Some of my favorite picture book authors/illustrators are Tomi Ungerer and William Steig. Here is a picture of one of my favorites, The Amazing Bone by William Steig.

Unit 2

The only copy I have of The Amazing Bone is within a larger collection of Steig's stories, so I am going to dissect another book, The Mellops Strike Oil, by Tomi Ungerer.

  • The book has 32 pages
  • Page 1 is the title page.
  • Page 2 is the front matter.
  • The story begins on page 3 and ends on page 32. This means that there are 14 spreads plus the first and last pages. 

Unit 3 - First Draft

Road Dogs

Hank was a good dog, but he liked to roam.

His family did everything they could think of to get him to stay put. 

They built a nine foot fence. 

They tried locking him in the garage. 

They offered him treats.

The punished him.

When that didn’t work, they took him to Donna Dale’s Canine Obedience Academy.

Even her proven techniques proved useless on Hank.  “Hank, SIT and STAY. Hank? Hank? Where’s Hank?”

She suggested they get him a companion, which they did. Her name was Lulu  and she was a beauty.

The two dogs hit it off right away. “She’ll get him to settle down,” they said.

Soon, Hank’s family discovered how wrong they were.

“Promise to write,” they said.
“I ain’t much for promises,” said Hank, “but I’ll never forget you.”

And with that, the two dogs rode off into the great unknown.

Hank did write, on occasion, with exciting stories of his and Lulu’s travels.

Dear Family,

Lulu and I recently visited the Great Wall of China. I guess you’re not supposed to ride motorcycles up there.  Who knew!  It was tense there for a little while, but we managed to talk our way out of it. How is a dog supposed to know how to read Mandarin anyway?

Your Pal,


Every so often, unannounced, Hank and Lulu would pay a visit.  They brought gifts and stories from all over the world.  But, after a few days, as suddenly as they had arrived, the two would saddle up and be off, seeking adventure wherever they went.


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