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Rizzofied Mugs

Hi there!

This class and project are so damn awesome! I have tons of ideas, I hope I get time to finish and upload them all

Pick your favourite Emalco Mug

So many to choose from. Everything just seems to look fantastic on an emalco mug! Here are some I decided to pick.


I usually do my sketching in illustrator itself, the result of which can be seen in my submissions but on occasion I'll do a sketch on paper and then scan and image trace as shown in the class. In this case I did that for the world map element on the inside of the cup. I wanted to give it that hand drawn, imperfect feel and I'm really happy with how it came out. Here is my drawing and then a closeup of how I used it in the artwork, to signify a well-traveled individual.


I absolutely love how the mug looks in black with a white rim and just a hint of a high contrasting colour in the handle and parts of the artwork. So I made quite a few of my submissions according to that and playing with the different, stunning colours Emalco offers.

Submission 1 - Take A Hike!

UPDATE: I changed the curl of the 'T' to be less curly at the end.


Submission 2 - Say Yes To New Adventures


Submission 3 - Get Lost


Submission 4 - Adventure Awaits


Submission 5 - Lose Yourself


Thank you for having a look!


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