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So I've been traveling recently. My good friend showed me this location. And despite my questioning a tetnus shot, I couldnt help but feel at peace with the slow moving river underneath and the plantlife progressively entwining through the grates. 

I wanted to capture my feelings about this location through my edits. 

Raw image:


My thinking here was about growth. Old being introduced to new. So captureing the vegetation was incredibly important to me. I use female form mixed with landscape quite often in my personal work and didn't have a model of my own so I figured I'd brush up on some self portrait work here. 



So I use LR solely for these edits.  I wanted to capture my thought processing of this location with the feeling of "comfortable." When I think of comfortable, I think of worn - so I increased the grain.

I decreased my highlights and shadows trying to show a simple faded look.



I didn't feel like my progress shot was really cutting it so I deepend the blacks, played around with my tone curve, and thought it would be appealing to add a punch light streak, following the old mixed with new overall message here. 

Critiques welcomed!!!

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