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River"s End

I currently work in the photo department of a whitewater rafting company in North Carolina.  I was recently asked to photograph several plates for our new menu.  I usually shoot landscape, adventure sports and real estate photos and this was my first attempt at food photography.  When I was aked to do this project I started to get a little anxious and nervous.  I frantically started seaching for tutorials on food photography and I came across Daniel's class.  Following are a few images that I captured for the menu.  I think we shot a total of 10 items and I was asked if I could shoot the entire menu this coming week.  I just want to put these out here and get any feedback that I can.  

Thank you to Daniel for the class!  It was very informative and it helped put me at ease.  I never thought that shooting food would be fun but I had such a good time photographing the menu.  








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