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Joseph E.

Illustrator and Designer



River Walk, and Other Stories.

Of my three ideas, I chose the last, called River Walk, which is the retelling of an adventure I forced myself to go on when I was feeling down. I went off with the intent of walking the entirety of the walkways and paths that follow the river that cuts through the city I live in and take pictures! I encountered two eccentric old ladies and their scottie dogs, a tiny, tucked away restaurant where you can sample wine, a sinkhole filled with broken bottles and doll parts, and a rickety old access staircase that led up from the riverbank to the bridge above. 

My other two ideas (not yet pictured) are two seperate memories from my childhood.

1) Ghost Horse 

I grew up on a farm in southern Wisconsin, we kept horses and other animals, and on my 12th birthday I was given a horse. He was already old, white and gray like clouds and ash. His name was Spirit and he didn't seem very cool or fast to me. This story would start with our meeting, interacting, and eventually ending in Spirit's death of old age, and how he's stayed with me after. 

2) Big Paws

On the same farm we also had a dog. A large shaggy irish wolf-hound named logan whose paws were gigantic when he was a little puppy. He was a bit dopey, but was loyal and a fierce protector. This story is about how Logan's too-big paws got him in trouble with some of our goats. 


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