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River Beach Store

I decided to take on a fun job recently that I agreed to do gratis. I liked the sound of it and thought I could really explore my creativity as the brief is quite broad. When I signed up for this course I decided to use it as my project.

**Update - 2nd October - The logo is being revised but it's proving a longer job than I'd anticipated. Watch this space**

Here are the colour palette ideas I had. Based on the mood board and a few 'Design Seeds' colour palettes that I found on Pinterest. I love the greeny blue, the dark grey and cream......

My typography choices, which may need revision. After the feedback I've received, I'm going to rejig the logo, with new things, watch this space.


**Logo update 5th October** I decided to go hexagonal as the 3 words weren't fitting well in the circular design. I have kept it minimal and used Din and Univers Bold for the typography.

**New mood board 5th October** updated colours, fonts and shapes;


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