Risek - Family Crest

Risek - Family Crest - student project

I loved working on this project!
My family crest includes parts from my mother side and from my father side. It also includes my brother and me!
So crown made from pen nibs and pencil represent art in my family (me and my brother). We are from Croatia, country that is represented with red and white squares (in this case B/W). Family on my mother side is all layers (book). Family on my father side is in agriculture, wine especially :) (grape leaf).
And line SAM PAO SAM SE UBIO is something that we say in my family for people who are responsible for their decisions. Translation would be something like - He fell on his own and he killed himself! :)

Risek - Family Crest - image 1 - student project

Thank you for watching!

Iva Risek

Illustrator and Digital Artist