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Rise of the Style Craftsman | Jason Geder

            Hello! My name is Tiffani Patterson of Coco Chromatic Photos and I’d like to present the “Rise of the Style Craftsman | Jason Geder” photos as my final project. Instead of doing one particular brand, I chose to focus on a single individual’s style philosophy. Outfit of the day and style bloggers are on the rise, and I have a contact that has been tossing around the idea of creating a digital publication of his style musings. Just as consumers of different brands enjoy seeing how different products can be worn, individuals love to feast on others’ style choices as well. So I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and shoot outfits based on personal style theory.

Lesson 1 | The Inspiration Board

            Before I could compile the inspiration board, I first needed insight on what inspires his style. I arranged an interview with him, in an effort to get more of an understanding of his style philosophy. Jason’s style prescription includes versatility, exclusivity, quality, color, brand, fit, and distinction. He prefers brands that are not mass marketed, opting for brands that not “every-body” can fit into. He is what you would consider a “sneakerhead”, shoes are his hobby and he has a vast collection.  Therefore, his shoes are a driving factor in his style. But it is not the only factor. He is meticulous in the construction of his outfit selection, choosing shirts based on how they pair with the wash of his jeans. He decides on his pants based on their threading compatibility with his shoes. Portion and fit are also factors. He gauges the fall of his jeans over his shoes, and pairs the top and bottom with proportion in mind, such as slim fitting jeans, with a slim fitting shirt. He considers his style super power to be his ability to mix trends. After talking with him I felt that I had an idea of the look that was needed for his lookbook. Framing the images and selective focus would be important. The apparel and accessories would be the focus, but we also wanted to make sure that the viewer would also connect with Jason, as an individual since his style is a part of his brand. The end goal of the lookbook is to reflect images that were clean, detailed, had character and individuality.

            With regard to the other fashion lookbook photographers we were provided information on, my shooting style is most similar to Kenneth Cappello. I learned that Kenneth’s style is candid and free flowing.  His ideals and personality are a part of his photography style.

            So much of the information (from the list of suggestions, to the best practices on to the shot list) provided during this class was valuable to the creation process. It’s hard choosing what helped the most. But connecting with the “brand”, researching the concept and the essence of the brand goes a long way in getting you started on a successful path.

Take a look at my inspiration board!


Lesson 2 | The Shot Checklist

            Below is a brief list of the views needed for the lookbook. I utilized an assistant on set who read off the checklist as I worked. This was very helpful in allowing me to focus on framing each shot, saving time keeping us on track.

            Using an assistant I was able to capture more angles of the desired shot in less time. Much of the merchandise he wore had unique details that we wanted to capture from different angles. This made my list a little longer and more detailed.

Shot Checklist:

Ø  Full body view of each styled look

Ø  Full view of Shirts

Ø  Close up view of details on each shirt

Ø  Detail view of the shirt pockets

Ø  Side view of each shirt to show fit

Ø  Detail shot of pants cuff

Ø  Detail shot of shoes

Ø  Detail shot of accessories

Ø  Close up view of labels of each item

Lesson 3 | The Lookbook

      After watching the videos provided for each lesson and reviewing the handouts I now feel that I am able to successfully create concepts, plan shoots, and executes shoots that will meet the needs of all parties involved.

      Overall, I wanted the lookbook to convey that when Jason selects an outfit using his style philosophy, that every detail and component plays a role. With the rule of thirds in mind, the Lookbook exhibits: Detail (itemization), Focus (concentration), and Individuality (personality).

        For the presentation we decided to go with a layout that would work well with a digital magazine, but that would also allow more views of the different items. This allowed us to mix horizontal and vertical images in different layouts. By reviewing the shot list. I was able to ensure that the images that I planned for were included in the lookbook. I was also able to distinguish which of the images that fit the criteria on the shot list best displayed the products.

A few of the photos from the lookbook have been provided below:



I’m pretty proud! Hope you enjoyed the Lookbook.

Not only was the class insightful on planning, shooting, and compiling a successful and effective lookbook but it was much more.  I am more of a portrait photographer. But posing can be a challenge for me at times. This class gave me ideas of how I can photograph males more successfully, using different angles, and props (clothing and accessories) in my photography. It also gave me a set plan of actions that can be accomplished to create successful shoots such as shoot list, and tailoring a best practice list to my photography.

I had a great time working on this project and watching it all come together!

Your feedback is welcome and would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you Tasha! And thank you all of you for your feedback and interaction!

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