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Rise and SHINE!

I've been working so hard and still feel like my life is a mess. I think that waking up early is the first habit I have to change because

1) I will start saying no to people when i know I have to sleep or will suffer

2) I loveeeee when i'm up early. i feel great about myself

3) I will be able to be around ppl instead of being so isloated

4) I beleive that waking up early will be the first step to being more productive in my day. getting my songwriting done, having time for FUN songwriting instead of only getting things done with a deadline. Having my room clean. Having me time. Having time to exercise and feel gorgeous.

So i'll have time to paint my photo paintings

So I'm so bad ass I get in the paper more often, and get my OWN spread on the front cover.

So I'm more productive and I make more money so I can TRAVEL


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