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Rise And Shred

Thank you again, Aaron, for sharing a little bit of your process with us. I was able to learn some very helpful techniques just by watching you work. And hey, thanks for making your assignments so practical, too -- I can definitely appreciate being able to USE the things I make.

I also appreciate the opportunity to multi-task. I took this project in several different directions, most of which won't make their way onto the internet EVER because they are truly terrible. But here are the ones I feel okay about. Not great but okay.


The first one is for a cycling club. I love, LOVE riding my bike in the morning, the wee hours when the world is just starting to wake up. There's something so magical about that time. I've been riding with the same "team" for like 3 years (until recently, because I moved, dangit) and we always had a Saturday morning ride that started at the bike shop at 8AM, and it was every single week, year-round. I miss my team fiercely! Anyway, we always put safety first, so if it was a dang monsoon out there, then no, we wouldn't go out, because what's the point if you get hurt and can't ride anymore?! But that happened a total of ONE time when it was dumping buckets of rain sideways at us. Every other Saturday, no matter the cold or the heat or the wind, we'd go out for our 20 miles and be back in time for coffee and opening up the bike shop at 10 AM.

Sometimes, nobody else showed up except me and the shop owner, who sort of took me under his wing when I first showed up in their group. But it was ok because we'd just talk about stuff the entire time, and if I needed any fatherly advice, I'd ask him. He and everybody in our crew showed me so much kindness for those 3 years. In my book, kindness is one of life's greatest gifts -- and for that reason, these people and these rides have a special place in my heart.

So this particular logo is a shout out to our Saturday rides, even the ones where it was just 2 or 3 of us and we froze our faces off.


As you may have guessed, I love mockups. Probably a little too much. But it's so helpful for me to see a design in context. 

The yellow I felt was fitting for the sun, but it's also an iconic color in the world of cycling. I'm still not settled on this exact yellow -- and I'm not totally happy about how it looks on the mug in this mockup, but I like the idea of a yellow mug.

Moving on.


This one is my personal "property of" badge. I followed Aaron's design very closely for the purpose of learning from it, since this was the first one I did. But of course I changed the typeface, the icon, and the colors. Rather than the DDC logo here I just put a shape with the word RAD! inside it. If I ever have a logo for my own design business, I'll put it there, but this will have to do for now. I chose a nice oceanic blue because that's my jam.


Here's the same mockup with the design I made in the final part of this class. This is a fictitious business name which I invented to fit the more corporate feel of this logo.

All right folks. Time for me to hop back on my beautiful bicycle and toodle my way back home (coffee shop was my office today, and I won't complain one bit about that)

If you have comments or suggestions for improvement, fire away; lord knows I need help.

Thanks for looking. Stay rad.


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