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My name is Steve "Vent" Bryant, I'm an animation student at Sheridan college in Ontario, Canada.  I'm crazy into storyboarding and animation, and once I heard about this class I got crazy excited.  I want to flex my boarding muscles so bad!  And I also really want to share a really embarrassing story with you guys, too.  So here are my three concept ideas:

1) Rippers

This is really funny because I wasn't expecting to do this one.  Rippers is about probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me.  I went to a strip club with my cousin for his birthday.  It was my first time (and last) at a strip club and I thought it'd be interesting, so I didn't really resist in going.  We got there, had a couple of beers, and watched some ladies pole dance for a while.  Then one lady caught my eye- this dark skinned lady with a fishnet top.  Shyly, I gave her a twenty and asked for a lap dance.  

She dragged me over to the "private area" and began the whole thing.  Somewhere in the middle of it, she shoved her chest in my face- fishnet top and all- and I guess I smiled.  And having braces while someone's breasts are smothering your face while covered with fishnet is a really bad idea.  She eventually leaned back, and one of the brackets of my braces was attatched to her top, making me lunge forward.  She thought I was biting her, and she yelped, and a bouncer came over.  I explained frantically and thankfully she believed me.  The bouncer left, and I was embarrassed.  This whole debacle ended the lapdance "prematurely" so to speak, so she started over.  But for some reason it's not so sexy when you're that embarrassed.

2) Stitches

At first I had no other ideas other than Stitches!  It's a story from when my brother and I were kids.  Scotty, my younger brother and I were on the lake using rocks to dig into the ice to see how deep it was, as I guess that's what bored Canadian kids do during the summer.  Scotty, being the younger brother, thought it'd be smart to grab a bigger rock.  In doing so he slipped, the rock fell on his finger, and he started yelping.  One visit to the hospital later, and he has several stitches in his finger.

Back at home, he's a little woozy from the medication but doing okay overall.  My parents are super proud of him, and as the older brother I've gotten pretty bored of it so I go to the bathroom to play some gameboy.  That's when all hell breaks loose.  Scotty's stomach flips because of the medication, he rushes to the bathroom and starts pounding.  "Let me in!" he yells.  I lie and tell him I'm pooping when I'm really playing pokemon.  The doorknob rattles and shakes furiously and then... stops.  Confused, I get off the toilet, open the door, and there's Scotty with his hands cupped.  He puked in them, and held it.  He walks to the toilet, and flushes it down.  That's probably when I realized I wasn't a very good big brother.

3) Under the Table

I had problems thinking of a third idea, and even more problems trying to flush it out.  Basically, my girlfriend and I attended a Christmas party a few years ago, and we decided to get trashed!  I had just turned 19, and my girlfriend had been 19 for a few months (the legal drinking age in Ontario).  I had drank publicly before (being a sneaky teenager), but this was her first time!  So not surprisingly I drank her under the table.

We drank about ten or eleven drinks each, and she was clearly more affected.  She yacked outside the building.  I was boasting the whole way home in the car how much better I held my booze.  But needless to say I jynxed myself, and sure enough I yacked ALL OVER the bathroom at 5am. Hungover the next morning, you can be sure my mom made me clean it up while my girlfriend was completely fine.  


As you can probably tell, I'm going ahead with the Rippers story.  I was really hooked with Stitches for a while because of my love for that story, but I did a short poll between friends and they clearly loved the Rippers story a lot more.  Between that and my overall feeling of it being a more personal story with the added bonus of making light of one of my most embarrassing moments, I think it'll be fun.  Tell me what you think!


Here are some studies I did prior to working on thumbnails for Rippers.  I wanted to explore what "sexy" meant to me, and I wanted to caricature a lot of the forces in this memory.  A lot of the designs aren't even close to being finalized, but it's a step in the right direction.  


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