Ripley and Rex

Ripley and Rex - student project

Thanks for another great class Yasmina! I really loved learning the cuties technique and applying to animals. I gained a lot of confidence in my drawing abilities through this course and want to push myself to keep practicing.

For this project I found inspiration in the cutest goat ever, "Ripley" and the scariest uncutie Mr T-Rex. I found both these animals quite challenging to sketch - I think due to the reference images both being on a strange angles. Nevertheless I was quite happy with my pencil sketches. Ripley's sweater is per his lil outfit (link below) and for Rex I added the top hat and wand - his pose reminded me of a tap dancer :) 

I then scanned, and decided to do the inking and coloring using digital paint brushes in Photoshop. I am not that happy with the end result to be honest but this was my first attempt at ever coloring this way, so decided to save here as a way for me to measure my progress in the future.

Thanks again Yasmina, I'll see you in one of your other classes soon!


Ripley and Rex - image 1 - student project