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Ripe Clothing

    Before I begin describing my company I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ramon Berrios, 21 years old born and raised in Puerto Rico.I have spent my last 3 years going to college in Tampa, Florida. Growing up with skateboarding and surfing as a passion I had no way of escaping this phenomenon that lives within me which is the passion for streetwear. This company named Ripe Clothing (founded in 2012) focuses on nothing but the simplicty onf looking clean with pieces that you won't have to double think whether it is the right thing to wear or not. It is what it is, it's Ripe. As for what Ripe means to me, I take my company very seriously and building trust is our main priority. I am currently 21 years old, I always had a dream of having a clothing company with my best friend since childhood as he was the designer and I was the business savvy. A year ago he planned on moving here to where I am located now (Tampa, FL) and suddenly he passed away on an ATV accident. My dreams were ruined as so was I, but one day I picked up myself and the laptop and have taught myself everything I know about steetwear and design up to this day. I grew up in this subculture, I live my brand. I was not going to type this and share it and I was going to keep it persona, but as Jeff Staple said in one of the videos "dont be afraid to explain what drives you".

Ripe: Thoroughly matured, as by study or experience, seasoned.

   This name derived from the idea that we all have to keep ourselves ripe inside. Forget about our looks, tattoos, piercings cultural background, ethnicity and religion.This company solely focuses on the mind and soul. What we need to keep intact and ripe in order to get through our everyday activities shining around those that may need some light to become ripe. To be the example and the standout of the crop is the goal. Many people love to critizice, bring us down, and tell us how do things "their way". Those are the bad apples and you MUST protect your inner-self, your ripeness. Make this crop of society flourish by standing out from the rest. Below with the flower is our logo.

Mission Statement:

   Ripe Clothing is a company that stands out from the crop. This name derived from the idea that we all have to keep ourselves ripe inside. Ripe signifies our fresh natural thoughts that we each have individually as a human being. To stand out from the crop is the goal. There are things out there such as negative energy, negativity from other people and people that simply want to bring others down. Those are the bad apples. With a ripe mentality we stand out from the crop to put fresh thoughts into everything we create with our motto being, “Stay Ripe”.


  The following are tshirt designs I have made, While growing up I would find myself buying pieces that had some sort of complexity in it and when the day of wearing it came I was just not "feeling it". That's when I decided it was time for me to make my own shirts because in Puerto Rico I didn't have anything close to what a Reed Space store would be. Ever since I have been teaching myself how to design that piece that you wouldn't double think to wear because of its ripe simpicity. #stayripe



    With my ambition and passion not only for the fashion industry but the culture that makes up streetwear I hopefully become succesful enough to open a storefront as I have already taken a good amount of business classes in college and feel ready for it. Ripe is also planning to be a company that contributes to the community. One of the things in mind right now is a sale where for example it would last a month and 10% of those sales would go towards providing the kids who are underprivileged with the necesarry tools to be able to skateboard. Whether it's shoes, or parts of skateboards or even complete skateboards.  I would not only like to help but I would also like to see communities benefit from this company as I would also like to open the storefront in Puerto Rico where this industry is rapidly growing. Not only in Puerto Rico because of the market but also because I would like to provide those kids to grow up with what I didn't have. When I was 13 there were barely websites that would ship to Puerto Rico and we had no orientation from the Hip Hop industry because it didnt really exist there and we sure didnt have a street like Fairfax. The streetwear movement is an international one and with the blessing of being bilingual I aim towards reaching other markets in which the streetwear industry hasnt even entered yet.


Here is our fall catalog. I was realistic on the amount for my budget which is 4 designs 24 shirts per design and only in the colorway show. I am currently looking for the best quality of 100% quality of cotton I can find. I want to price these shirts at around $22.99, I've always had the opinion that price doesn't guarantee quality and I want Ripe Clothing to be the company to prove that.

Finally, the reason why I have chosen to dedicate my life to streetwear is because I want to love what I do. And when your work is more of a lifestyle who is not happy? And when one is happy great things happen.
 I highly thank Skillshare and Jeff Staple for this very much apppreciated opportunity in which im sure Jeff Staple himself wishes to have had such an opportunity while growing up so this for sure is not something to take for granted.

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