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Brandon Bettes

Designer/Developer | Shift'D Union Clothing Co.



Rip the Rox

Hello!  I took the first class and originally decided to go against using a design that was for my clothing brand Shift'D Union, but in this class, I decided to use the brand related design...  I know, I'm indecisive at times but I thought I could definitely use my design and idea for Web or Social Media banners.  Plus it's a real simple design I thought would make it a little easier for the sake of learning and understanding what's being demonstrated versus me trying to keep up with too much detail.

Here's my first design/sketch:

I tried to incorporate the CO for Colorado at the top of the mountain but it wasn't sitting right with me.  Looks too much like a UFO or something so I drew this up again with out it:

This is much better, very simple and what I am looking for, for my various banners that I will be laying on top of.

After watching some of the videos I realized I didn't need to color everything in, but oh well, lesson learned for the next time.

Now I am onto coloring, however when I lay this over the images, I will want this all one color, preferable white with a bunch of texture.  But, I learned some new techiniques on the drop shadow and and duplicating things so I wanted to color this up in Colorado themed colors.

Now I am moving on to textures which I am really excited about!  I've learned a way to do textures but I never really liked it and I know I will learn some new tricks! 


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