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Ring of Fire

I spent most of my time playing with the earthquake data. After mapping it a few times I realized that most of the world's quakes are along the Ring of Fire in the Pacific basin, but most maps don't center on the Pacific. I wanted to try highlighting this area so I searched for a Pacific-centered map with the right projection but couldn't find one so I ended up slicing the provided base map in Illustrator and putting it back together. I had to put a little math in my code to convert the negative longitude values too.  


The end result is a map that shows all the quakes from 1915-present that were M6.0 and above.

It was a bit tricky to figure out the best way to do the marker sizes too so that the largest actually looked that way. It's not exactly perfect / accurate in this sense because the Richter scale is logarithmic and if I kept it accurate the biggest quakes would overwhelm the page and the M6-7s wouldn't even be visible. I'm open to suggestions on how to do this better.


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