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Allison MacAlister

Immensely Improving Illustrator.



Ring Tailed Lemur

Hey friends! I love animals, so this project was right up my alley as a good way to push myself further into learning Illustrator. I chose my favourite animal, the ring tailed lemur.

References weren't an issue - I already had a folder on my computer LOADED with ringtailed lemur photos. These are some of the ones I kept referring to for this project, especially that top left one with the tongue sticking out.


Here's a progressive image showing my basic step-by-step. I did my basic sketch in Manga Studio 5, the bulk of the work in Illustrator and the finishing textures and colour tweaking in Photoshop.


Here's the finished image! This was a cool class and I learned a bunch of new tricks and techniques. Thanks DKNG!



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