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Right Size Anna

Shoe hunts are a pain in the butt- whats it look like from the front , the size, the height of heel, the fabric, and finally how itll feel standing and walking in them. Similarly  job hunts you have to look for from every angle, and see if its a right fit for you. This is the appropriate metaphor here, and I'm eager to get that perfect fit.

Currently and before the class, listed are my job hunt efforts:

  • active social media user: from facebook, to linkedin, i use for job hunts, and promote my work when i can to friends as well as potential employers.
  • 99% filled out linked in profile short of going pro- drained each connection to the bone through and through, emailing and asking all corners of my 300+ connections to see if anybody is interested.
  • created a beautiful portfolio site to showcase my varying work , from fine art to graphics to websites to publishing. 
  • currently also working on a pro bono project via, to work with YCI America in creating cohesive collateral for their future use. Pro bono work always looks great on a resume!
  • working locally with another girl pro bono to help her with her museum studies project to revive Larkspur City Hall. I will be creating panel graphics that will dbe displayed at the exhibit.


  • get tied into twitter and really use it as a marketing/job hunt tool , not just recreationally
  • includes following companies in SF that i admire, and really follow their line of work, as well as the individual names that go with it
  • I'm going to an AIGA event "D.Talks: Designers & Clients - The Start of a Wonderful Relationship", to hopefully as always gain more insight on the compatible working relationship between client and designer. the event follows with a networking gig, where i hope to get at least three business cards. thats on feb 21st.
  • I'm also going to a recruiter specialist interview at 24seven talent agency.
  • I plan to write three emails to folks whom I admire in the business, just simply out of appreciation. 

wish me luck


update round 1

since our last communication, i've had much progress in many focal points that i've earlier mentioned:

  • i've began to rework my twittering, and have been actively pinging back and forth with the non profit i've been working with, which had accepted my proposal! whew! I will now be reworking the brochure for Youth Challenge America, baseed in NY, and i'm in SF. I wish i can show you guys more, but alas... not until the final result.
  • I've been refining the panels for the Larkspur City Hall pro bono project that i'm working on with Christine. We've set a final deadline to Feb 20th, and hope to show you pix of results when it happens! On the 20th i'm going to the board meeting presenting the results. 
  • On the 12th, I've scored a PHONE INTERVIEW with a company that I admire. the job description reads as freelance, and i'm looking for full time work. I'd have set this opportunity aside if it weren't for the company - a branding/marketing firm that is doign great work. maybe i can sneak my way in past freelance into something more permanent!
  • On the 13th I have an interview with 24seven job recruiter for a fuller profile and a solid direction- i mean why not? she was recommended to me by a friend
  • I've done a logo for a non profit organization CREWsf (its for women in realiestate, and that my mother is a part of)- and they have a frequent box lunch series. I made their logo for that and am excited to roll out the outcome soon. They really loved it.
  • On the 21st I'm going to the AIGA lecture about the client and designer relationship, and hope to collect some business cards then :)

whew! busy busy month, but am excited to inform you on the next round of updates.


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